“I no longer consider superdelegates a threat AT ALL to Bernie”


By Daniel Joseph Merrifield

I finally completed my ratio analysis now that all the pledged delegate totals this week are in. I am taking consideration to liberal versus conservative demographics alone, assuming that this week’s results will predict a trend forward for the remainder of this primary cycle.
Here is the math:
From Monday, March 21st to Sunday March 28th, pledged delegates were awarded in 7 contests in moderate to liberal state contests to Bernie and Hillary.
Those contests included:
Democrats Abroad, Arizona, Idaho, Utah, Alaska, Hawai’i, Washington State.
Results, respectively:
(9,31,18,27,13,17,74) = 180/273
(4,44,5,6,3,8,27) = 93/273
From this I create a ratio analysis expecting these types of results to continue (including the B.S. that went down in AZ)… understanding that the
Remaining contests (less 1 state) all maintain greater liberal/ progressive demographics from here on out. 1747 is the remaining total of pledged delegates.
Hillary (93/273) = (y/1747) Y ≈ 595
Bernie (180/273) = (x/1747) X ≈ 1152
We then add the current pledged delegate totals to these results:
Bernie: 1038+1152=2190
Hillary: 1266+595=1869
This is now a spread of an approximated
329 pledged delegates in BERNIE’S favor by these calculations.
I no longer consider superdelegates a threat AT ALL to Bernie. If they do not side with this type of a majority, the repercussions will be immense. It is therefore, highly improbable that the DNC will try such shenanigans. It would splinter the Democratic National Party
and ultimately cost them the general election.
I therefore, declare this to be my prediction:
Today, On Easter Sunday, 2016, I predict that Bernie Sanders will be the democratic party nominee and ultimately the 45th president of the United States.
He will do so with an unprecedented come back in our nomination processes and completely annihilate his opponent, Donald Trump by more than 18% in the general.
I can say this with confidence.
It is quite simply trend analysis.
And a little bird told me so.

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