I am an immigrant


Klaus Thymann writes on Facebook:

I am an immigrant.
I am from Denmark and moved to England 16 years ago. My wife is English and we have a daughter together – she is 5 and can’t vote.
When she grows up I will take away a lot of her dreams and I am absolutely fine with shattering some of her dreams. There are some brutal realities out there; Santa does not exist, the unicorns she keeps asking me to show her – well they will never show up. But I really don’t want to take away much else she could dream of in her future.
I am getting so frustrated about the prospects of living in England, living in Europe, but not being part of the EU.
Can the young voters (well and everyone else) please vote on behalf of those young English people who can’t vote, vote for us immigrants and of course vote for England and Europe also.
Together we are better.
Please share if you agree.

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