Interview with Marianne Faithfull

What can you say about Marianne Faithfull? Folk goddess. Rolling Stones’ muse. Legendary addict. Scandalizing memoirist. Cancer survivor. Critically-acclaimed actress. The 64-year-old Paris-based Londoner is the epitome of the hard-charging/hard-living artist. “But I’m a musician first,” implores Faithfull outside of New York’s Standard hotel last week while discussing her 23rd album, Horses and High Heels. Recorded at New Orleans Piety Street Studios, the album is a wistful brew of Marlboro-throated tough love. Comprising soul and folk covers and four original tracks (two with backing from Lou Reed), it’s a dark, deep, sometimes danceable meditation on the slippery slope of time.

“It became really clear to me what I’m really interested in,” she says. “Time, fame, truth, beauty, death, going to or away from the loved one. All those feelings.” Faithfull talked about the new tunes, upcoming films, and the acting role she’s destined for: think Ab Fab-meets-Mr. Roper. [Source]

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