Bulgaria wants Moldova to join EU after breakaway region asks to join Russia


Romania’s President Traian Băsescu said today that the only solution to guarantee the security of Moldova is to speed up its EU accession. This week Pro-Russian politicians and activists in Moldova’s breakaway Transnistria region (also known as Trans-Dniester) have asked the Russian parliament to draft a law that would allow their territory to join Russia.

Basescu told a joint press conference after a meeting with his visiting Moldovan counterpart Nicolae Timofti that “measures that should prevent events as the ones that occurred in Ukraine and the Russian Federation.”

Moldova should in the shortest possible time get “a timeframe, a guaranteed European prospect,” he added.

Moldova’s relationship with the EU is still at an early stage. The country has yet to sign a political association and free trade pact. It was a decision by former Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych not to sign a similar deal for Ukraine in late November that kick-started the current crisis, leading to mass demonstrations by supporters of further integration to the EU and subsequently to Yanukovych’s’ ousting.

Local media reported that Moldovan authorities feel their national territorial integrity is threatened by what happened in Crimea.

Read the full article here.

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