Yoko Ono and John Lennon with John Tchicai at Cambridge University in 1969


I was asked to visit Cambridge University to perform my vocal work. Near the date, they called me, asking if I was still coming… since they knew that I was about to get married and didn’t know if my plans had changed or not. “Tell him you’re coming with a band,” John whispered loud from the side. John and I thought it was a riot, but we didn’t know they would take it at the other end of the phone. Was it alright to bring a rocker? But the guy held his ground well. It was Cambridge, so the greeting committee was cordial but cool. John took that in, of course. He joined me on the stage and played underneath my vocal. Maybe I WANNA HOLD YOUR HAND? That would have been cute. But he went in for the kill and played an incredibly creative avant-garde guitar that nobody in the world had ever heard before and since. The audience didn’t react to it. I was probably the only musician who was totally impressed by it. But did I express my appreciation? John loved CAMBRIDGE 1969. So for awhile, he always asked for it to be played when we were in the car. I just thought “Oh, not that one again!” “How about Yesterday?” (a joke). And when I tried to play something else he wouldn’t hear of it.

Yoko Ono, 24 March 2014.

Recorded 2 March 1969, at Lady Mitchell Hall, Cambridge University, Cambridge
Yoko Ono: Vocals
John Lennon: Guitar
Saxophone: John Tchicai
Percussion: John Stevens

From the album Unfinished Music Vol. 2 – Life With The Lions

Cambridge News Article: How John Lennon turned to Cambridge for life after The Beatles.

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