LINE’s co-branding marketing project is the coolest ever!


Japanese/South Korean chat app LINE in a surprising co-branding effort with vintage Swedish porcelain maker Gustavsberg, stationary maker Bookbinders Design also from Sweden and Finnish porcelain maker Muurla. Surely, Danish Design will be the next project coming up?

‘Gustavsberg’ is Sweden’s only remaining porcelain factory and has a history that spans 180 years. The LINE Premium Edition is the first collaboration project Gustavsberg has conducted with a foreign brand. Introducing LINE’s bone china set, where Gustavsberg’s craftsmanship and pride brings new life to the lovable Cony and Brown character designs.

Sweden’s representative quality stationary brand ‘Bookbinders Design’ was first introduced in 1965 and still uses traditional production method, instead of opting for modern technical shortcuts.

Muurla was established in 1974, and has since become Finland’s most popular brand and manufacturer of porcelain enamel and glass products. Muurla’s enamel products that have a coat of glass-material glaze on metal for superb durability and Illustrations of Disney characters and the popular Finnish character ‘Moomin’, have been celebrated all around the world. Muurla’s products are molded from the hands of expert craftsmen. No two products are alike as the whole manufacturing process, from coloring to drawing patterns to coating glaze, is done by hand. This is a human and simple quality that can only be found in handmade products and can never be recaptured through mass-produced, machine-manufactured products. The practical yet appealing Muurla kitchenware has been decorated with loveable LINE Friends illustrations, and can be found at the LINE Store.

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