New Remix: Broken Bells – Holding On For Life (Zeds Dead Remix)


Zeds Dead originally came to fame over four years ago thanks to haunting remixes of tracks like “Eyes on Fire” and “Paradise Circus.” Though they’ve since blanketed the years in between with countless complex originals, their polished approach to remixing remains as laudable as ever. While they’ve been known to dabble in diverse source material, their latest foray into the indie rock world is particularly striking. Taking on Broken Bell’s lead single from After the Disco, ”Holding On For Life,” DC and Hooks have crafted a relentless catchy remix, utilizing delicate soft synths and some characteristically clean percussive hits. The track culminates in some grandiose halftime, capitalizing on the surmounting energy afforded by its orchestral pads and yearning vocal loops.


Categories: Remixes

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