Human Rights

Jacob Appelbaum: People Think They’re Exempt From NSA


Jacob Appelbaum, who works on the Tor Project, discusses the fallacy of Americans thinking that they won’t be targeted, passive and active surveillance methods, AI and human analyst systems working together, satellite networks, deep packet inspection & injection, military contractors getting special access to surveillance programs, proprietary vs open source software, OTR messaging, hoarding exploits for self-gain. A great talk from an amazing person. Frorm the 2014 Security Summit in South Africa. Video altered for audio clarity from ITWeb.

This is a tremendous hour’s worth of technical explanation, recorded before a South African audience, featuring political smarts, stinging invective, and suggestions for future directions. Appelbaum isn’t just explaining how fucked we are because the Internet has been subverted to serve as a snoop’s surveillance fever dream — he’s also explaining how we can fight back and win.

Here is a non embeddable video with better sound.

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