Can Syriza renegotiate Greece’s multi-billion bailout?

The Greek left-wing party Syriza gets down to work, after storming to power on an anti-austerity ticket. From protest party to ambitious political newcomers, Syriza is facing up to the political reality of governing Europe’s most indebted nation.Newly-elected prime minister Alexis Tsipras held his inaugural cabinet meeting on Wednesday.But can the new government live up to its commitment to renegotiate Greece’s multi-billion dollar bailout? Host: Shiulie Ghosh. Guests: Anastasia Giamali, a journalist for the Dawn Newspaper in Athens. Olaf Boehnke, head of the Berlin office for the European Council on Foreign Relations. Dimitiri Sotiropoulos, a research fellow for the Greek think tank ELIAMEP, or Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy in Athens.

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