Movie Trailer: Michael Mann – Blackhat (2015)

At a nuclear plant in Chai Wan, Hong Kong, a hacker causes the coolant pumps to overheat and explode. Not long after in Chicago, the Mercantile Trade Exchange gets hacked, causing soy futures to rise. The Chinese government and the FBI determine that the hack was caused by a Remote Access Tool (RAT). A military officer in China’s cyber warfare unit, Captain Chen Dawai, is tasked to find the people responsible for the attacks, and enlists the aid of his sister Lien. He meets with Agent Carol Barrett of the FBI in Los Angeles and reveals the code in the RAT was written by himself and Nicholas Hathaway, his college roommate. Dawai asks that the FBI arrange for Hathaway to be released from prison, where he is serving a sentence for computer crimes. Hathaway is offered temporary release in exchange for his services.

A dead colleague’s computer yields a clue to a connection, so Hathaway and Lien go to the rendezvous. Hathaway fights three men.

In Hong Kong, the team traces the stock trade money to a known paramilitary named Kassar. A stakeout team is murdered while the terrorists get away.

The nuclear plant has stabilized enough to retrieve a data drive. Hathaway hacks into NSA to use a data tool called Black Widow. He learns that the hacker’s server is based in Jakarta. Lien finds out the hacker has been buying satellite photos of a remote site in Perak, Malaysia.

Hathaway’s hack into the NSA does not go unnoticed and the US government demands his return to prison. Dawai’s superiors agree as they do not want to antagonize the US, while Barrett and her partner Agent Jessup receive orders to detain Hathaway. Dawai, Lien and Hathaway manage to elude their pursuers and make plans to leave Hong Kong and continue their investigation when they are attacked by Kassar and his men, who have been following them. Dawai is killed; shortly after, Barrett and Jessup, who have been tracking Hathaway using an ankle bracelet, arrive at the scene. While both Barrett and Jessup are killed in a firefight, they buy enough time for Lien and Hathaway to escape into the subway.

Hathaway and Lien travel to the location of the satellite photos in Malaysia to try and figure out the hacker’s goal. Hathaway realizes that the hacker’s attack at the nuclear plant was merely a rehearsal for a bigger plan to destroy several major tin mines in Malaysia, allowing the hacker to make a killing on the tin trading market, using the funds from the Mercantile Exchange hack to buy tin futures. The two then travel to Jakarta and manage to physically gain access to the hacker’s server. They manage to steal the hacker’s money from Hong Kong and force the hacker to contact them. The hacker and Hathaway agree to meet to negotiate the return of the money.

Hathaway insists the hacker and Kassar come alone but they bring their gang along. The meeting place is a crowded parade and Hathaway trails the hacker and Kassar from behind. Kassar pulls a gun on Hathaway but Hathaway manages to stab him with a hidden screwdriver. Two of the hacker’s men catch up and wound Hathaway, who manages to kill them. Hathaway finally catches up with the hacker and manages to kill him despite getting stabbed. He hobbles back to the car where Lien is waiting with medical supplies and gets patched up. The film ends with Lien and Hathaway leaving Indonesia, with the hacker’s money still in their bank account.

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