I highly recommend Kim Gordon’s book “Girl In A Band”


By Bobby Gillespie, Primal Scream

I highly recommend Kim Gordon’s book “Girl In A Band”. It’s raw, honest and at times painful & direct. It tells Kim’s whole story; from her early LA childhood & her close but sometimes troubled relationship with her schizophrenic but artistic & culturally influential older brother Keller; to her Californian teenage hippie adventures in San Francisco’s psychedelic ballrooms watching the Jefferson Airplane & Grateful Dead. Then on to the late 70’s NYC art / No Wave scenes through to the formation of Sonic Youth and the 80’s / 90’s US underground rock culture they helped inspire and encourage – people like Kurt Cobain / Nirvana / Mudhoney. Kim writes honestly and graphically about the break up of her marriage to Thurston Moore which leads to the break up of Sonic Youth. That part made me sad. I think she’s very brave to write about such a private, painful, life changing experience and share it with the world. That takes guts. But that’s exactly what we want from our artists, isn’t it? It’s well written, it’s a great read and it’s in the shops now, go buy it!

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