Jazz Music

Jamaaladeen Tacuma remembers Ornette Coleman


“Life is already complete. You can’t learn what life is. And the only way you die is if something kills you. So if life and death are already understood, what are we doing?” – ORNETTE COLEMAN

In the name of God Most gracious, most merciful.

I would like to thank everyone who have extended happy birthday wishes to me and also extending condolences and thinking of me on the passing of my dear friend, and mentor Ornette Coleman. I and the Tacuma family would like to personally extend our sincerest condolences to Denardo Coleman and all of his beautiful family. And sincerest condolences to all of Ornette’s friends and associates who were close to him. It has taken me a few days to digest this overall situation and there is a sense of complete satisfaction and acceptance of what God has destined and what He has blessed me with in the friendship and life long mentorship of Ornette. It is said that you don’t really know someone until you live with, travel with and do business with them. I have done all of this with Ornette, living in his loft on Prince street, being a part of Prime Time touring, recording and being introduced and traveling the world over with him at a tender young age. This overall experience gave me the tools and completely prepared me for what am doing and striving for today. I thank God and I thank Ornette Coleman. Let all of us who are still here carry on with sincerity his musical legacy and give all of our support to Denardo and his family for their loss. We pray that God make it easy for them. May God bless Ornette for all that he has shared with us. Amen.

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