Building a Tennis court in the Royal Albert Hall

The set up for Champions Tennis is always an exciting day, in less than 24 hours the arena will be cleared, raised, re-floored, re-lit and completely transformed from concert venue into international sports centre.

It is no easy job – starting at 11pm and working through the night, it takes 30 workers 13.5 hours just to lay the floor.

The 1500 chairs covering the floor of the arena must be removed, then the workers can begin to lay a false floor, 2.2 meters higher than before. 2 kilometers of solid beams are laid and covered with 350 sheets of plywood (8’×4’) and fastened with over 2,000 screws.

A lighting rig also has to be installed, covering the whole of the court area – over 100 1kw floodlights are required to ensure the court is evenly lit.

The arena is now ready, but where are the players? Watch the whole process from start to finish in just 1 minute!

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