David Sylvian on David Bowie


By David Sylvian

So much will be written over the coming months, decades, there’s little, if anything, to add. I’ll keep it brief. I was speaking with a friend recently about how, particularly those who grew out of the US punk era, created a classic album with their debut and how difficult that must be to live with but, to have created one classic album in a lifetime is more than enough. Bowie did much more than that. He changed the entire landscape of popular music and beyond. Who else managed to do that since the Beatles? Whom else since? Now that he was beyond any level of criticism it was as if he was about to throw caution to the wind and reach new levels of experimentation in his work. (I’m no expert. I’ve not heard a Bowie album in decades. No chastisement please, no recommendations). This is a significant loss. But Bowie’s status as legend is signed and sealed. At home with the stars, literally, metaphorically. My first thoughts were of David Jones the father and the loss this must be to his young family. Heart goes out to them. peace.

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