JG Thirlwell on David Bowie


JG Thirlwell writes on Tumblr:

I am devastated and so saddened about the passing of David Bowie. He had an immeasurable impact of my art and my life. His music and imagery is in my DNA, and there are references to him sprinkled through my work. He brought so much joy and inspiration. His art was so rich and multi-layered and he gave freely. Full of charisma and invention. And what vocal phrasing! I was lucky enough to meet him several times and he was always gracious, funny and delightful. The first time I asked him to hold me and he did!  The last time I saw him was about a year ago at Tony Visconti’s birthday party. I told him I had seen the David Bowie Is show at the Victoria and Albert and how much I loved it, and how it made me want to try on all his old costumes, He said they didn’t fit as well anymore. I told him I had recently covered two of his songs with Melvins. He knew about Melvins and was pleased about that. He looked amazing, really healthy, as if he was in his late 40s. Last weekend I saw the Holy Holy band, which includes Woody Woodmansey from the Spiders From Mars and Tony Visconti; they played the whole Man Who Sold The World album and a bunch of other Bowie songs. It was David’s birthday and Tony led the audience in singing “Happy Birthday” into his i-phone. I listened to a lot of Bowie music this weekend and when I left my house yesterday, I thought to myself, I hope I die before David does. On “Quicksand” he sings “Just a mortal with potential of a superman, I’m living on…” RIP David, Love on ya.

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