New Leather Nun Live Album


Candy for the weekend. The new Leather Nun-album ’Live’ (Wild Kingdom/Sound Pollution) and recorded throughout gigs in Sweden and Denmark in 2015, will be officially released on Record Store Day April 16th. Plain black vinyl only. The album features Lou Reed-song ’Magician’, the second ever coverversion recorded by LN (ABBA’s ’Gimme Gimme Gimme’ being the first, in 1986). The album features a seven members strong LN-line up, with complimentary contributions by Lars Top-Galia and Tomas Ortved of Sort Sol, Stigge Pedersen of D-A-D and additional guitaroverdubs by Stephen O’Malley of Sunn O))). Mixed by Randall Dunn. Overdubs and final mixes were made in early Feb this year, during O’Malleys and Dunn’s visit to Copenhagen for the Rhythmic Music Conservatory-seminars. A strict Limited Edition (200 copies) promotional pre-release in blue vinyl, will be on sale today at the Sound Pollution-store (St Nygatan, Stockholm, Sweden) or by order from the Sound Pollution web-store (

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