Mini cup stacking world champions show off their lightening-speed skills

Athletes of the Taiwan branch of the World Sport Stacking Association took up training again on Sunday (April 17), after winning eleven gold medals at the recent world championship in Germany.

Sport stacking, first played in the early 1980s, allows competitors to stack a set of plastic cups into a pyramid or other sequences in as little time as possible. The sport encompasses different disciplines including relay and doubles competitions.

The room where the athletes gather for their joint practice is filled with the sound of dozens of plastic cups being stacked together at high speeds. All of them have their own sport stacking mat, with an included timer to keep track of their progress.

Yang Chu-chun, who has been practicing since she was in sixth grade, took home four gold medals at the championship in Germany. She won the hotly contested title of fastest female athlete in her age group by breaking her own record for a full cycle of sport stacking. Her new personal best is 5.615 seconds.

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