Paul Weller asks Paul McCartney a question


Paul Weller: Do you ever get frustrated with not being able to play more of your new stuff because people want to hear more of the Beatles stuff?

McCartney: You would always like to just do the songs you want to do whether they are hits or not. But I’m a realist. If I go to a concert I want to hear the songs I love from that artist, so y’know, if it is the Stones then I am probably going to want to hear Honky Tonk Woman, Satisfaction, Ruby Tuesday. And if they didn’t do them I would feel a bit cheated.

So we give them what they want as long as they are songs we like. Occasionally we throw in songs and I’ll say ‘you are not gonna like this, but we’re gonna do it anyway’.

You can tell in the big arena. When you do ‘I give her all my love’ the cameras ‘click click click’ and all the lights come on from the iPhones. Then you say ‘here’s one off our new album’ and its a black hole! But we do it anyway but it is a bit frustrating.

You kinda hope they are going to catch on by the end of the tour.

People pay a lot of money to see me and I remember seeing Bill Haley when I was a little kid, at the Odeon in Liverpool and I paid a fortune, it was months of pocket money to see him.

And it was such a thrill because he opened with 1,2,3 o’clock 4 o’clock rock. I didn’t want to hear him play anything else. Not really. So I remember that and how much it cost me.

Read more about the Q&A – including a fun question by Noel Gallagher – here.

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