Boris Johnson’s HQ as the EU referendum result comes in

Wales votes Leave in spite of massive EU funding.

Cornwall votes Leave in spite of receiving huge EU subsidies.

Some admit they used their Leave vote as a protest, believing it wouldn’t matter; some didn’t realise voting “Leave the EU” would mean leaving the EU; some didn’t think their vote would count as the UK would Remain anyway, etc.

Lots of Leave voters now want to change their votes.

Head of UK Statistics Authority rebukes Leave campaign for £350m per week claim (twice).

Leading experts, including ten nobel-prize winning economists, 5,000 scientists and 1,000 academics appeal to voters urging them to vote to Remain.

Michael Gove dismisses “experts”.

Channel 4 News – man from Barnsley voted Leave to “stop the Muslims coming into our country”.

Adam from Manchester didn’t think his vote would count.

Petition for re-run of referendum if less than 60% majority (ironically, the petition was started by a Leave campaigner in the expectation they would lose).

Boris didn’t ever really think Leave would win.

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