Brexit and the rise of Trump are due to inequality in education


By Martin Varsavsky on Facebook:

UK and US have such strong populist movements because education is unevenly distributed in these countries. As Trump said “I love the uneducated”. Continental European countries excel in the middle, they give a good education to most and for free. US and UK are the countries with the best universities in the world but to give you a sense of how elitist they are, every year in the US 3 million turn 18 but the best American Universities take 80K of them and charge them sky high fees. Same with UK universities. The result is that you have a combination of the most educated elites in the world and the least educated masses. French, German, Dutch, Scandinavian universities never rank as well as Cambridge, Oxford, Stanford, Harvard, Columbia, Princeton, Yale, but they educate many more students at a better than average US UK levels. UK and US are societies in which education and income are more unevenly distributed and as a result the opportunity of the Trumps and Johnsons to campaign on ignorance and prejudice is much greater.

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