The Knock On The Door


By Paul Schrader on Facebook

My doorman called me at work today saying two NYPD detectives had come to my building and wanted to interview me. They left a phone number, which I called.. Dect. Nathan wouldn’t tell me what it was about. He said they needed to see me in person.

So I came back and met them. Two solidly built black plainclothes cops from Counter Terrorism. And, yes, they were following up my Nov 14 John Brown Facebook post that Alex Jones’ right wing website Infowars had reposted.

We had an interesting conversation. I explained that one of the stages of grief was anger and after the election I had drunkenly posted something that I soon withdrew and apologized for, I provided the print outs to prove this. They were more sympathetic to my feelings than those of Alex Jones’ followers (“I’m 100% with you on this”). but said I was “in the system” and they were required to follow up. I understood. I thought they were cool cats.

I asked if I could take a picture of them and post our conversation on Facebook. Dect. Nathan smiled and said, no, they couldn’t do that. And they went on their way.

But what happens the next time there’s a knock on the door?

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