Is Barbecue diplomacy just what the US needs to solve the current crisis with North Korea?

Cubby”s Ribs, Hackensack, New Jersey, USA. It might sound like a tall tale..but this barbecued ribs joint in New Jersey was, for more than a decade, the only diplomatic channel between the US and North Korea.At least that”s according to it”s owner, Bobby Egan. He cooked up an unconventional way to promote dialogue between the enemy states by finding the key to the North Koreans” hearts. SOT: Robert Egan, Owner of Cubby”s RibsBarbecue !What”s with the Chinese and chow mein, or what”s with the English and quiche, ok i still cannot get that ! Or The Irish with corned beef and cabbage ?Koreans love barbecue !Diplomats from North Korea”s UN mission in new york regularly came to dine here.SOT: Robert Egan, Owner of Cubby”s RibsAnything at all that had to do with the United states and North Korea had to go through the NY connectionCustomers say barbecue diplomacy might be just what the US needs to solve the current crisis with North Korea. SOT: Steve Mona, Retired NYPD detective (voxpop of diner) Anything that works, anything that keeps us from having to send more guys after war, i guess it is a positive things. And If they can get together over food, why not!Bobby has a stash of photos to prove the New York connection existed .. photos of fishing and hunting trips with the then North Korean ambassador to the UN Han Song Ryol. Bobby travelled to North Korea 5 times. The NY channel”s been dormant for years nowBobby says it”s time to wake it up. SOT: Robert Egan, Owner of Cubby”s RibsI know and I have been told, that the North Koreans are willing to reopen the channel. they would like to reopen the channel Han is willing, able and readyBobby has a unique insight into the north korean psyche.. SOT: Robert Egan, Owner of Cubby”s RibsSo part of the things that we have in common is that we love guns, we love to shoot, ok we love to hunt , and on some levels we love to kill !Bobby may love guns but he says that the threat of military force will not work with North Korea. He thinks it”s time to talk.. And the US government knows where to find Pyongyang”s man if it needs his help again. Report by Jessica Le Masurier, Marie Bourreau and Malo Delarue

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