Hitler at the Olympics in 1936

On this day in 1936 Jesse Owens won the 100m at the Berlin Olympics.

Adolph Hitler opens the Games. Jesse Owens wins the 100 metres.

Shot of the crowd at the stadium and Hitler arriving with other personalities. A little girl hands him a bouquet. General shot of the stadium. Shot of marchpast. Close shot of Hitler saluting. Shot of Indians in marchpast. Hitler is with Goering. Hitler officially opening the games. Shot of the torch carried down steps and lit. General shot of the stadium. Man with starting gun and start of flat racing. Winners decorated. USA on shirt fronts. Flat races past camera. Hitler and others on balcony watching. Jesse Owens is winning in this story. Record broken by Jesse Owens (100m). Also shots of 10,000m won by a Finn.

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