Artist DIY: Matt Black

Artist DIY is a series of videos made by artists in collaboration with FACT in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

FACT edits each episode remotely, while the artist shoots at their home or studio with whatever equipment they have available. In this episode, we speak to Matt Black, one half of legendary UK duo Coldcut and co-founder of the Ninja Tune label.

When the country went into lockdown, Black had just released a new iPad app for music-making, Jamm Pro. He decided to use it to stream performances on Twitch under the Pirate TV banner, but Black’s experience as a streamer goes way back to when the internet was still in its infancy.

Black and his Coldcut partner Jonathan More first used the Pirate TV name back in 1999 for a series of primitive live streams using RealPlayer when most of the world still used dial-up modems. The series saw performances from guests like Kid Koala, Amon Tobin and even Radiohead.

Black told us all about what it was like to be a streaming pioneer and showed us what he uses to stream on Twitch today, as well as giving us a demo of Jamm Pro.

Jamm Pro is available now from the App Store, and Coldcut’s latest album project Keleketa! is available from July 3. Find Pirate TV on Twitch.

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