Seoul City hosts virtual fashion show to celebrate ‘Hanbok Day’

Today, October 21st, is ‘Hanbok Day,’ designated by the government, as its name suggests, as an occasion to celebrate and wear Korea’s traditional clothing. The city of Seoul held a fashion show featuring designs both traditional and modern. Arirang’s Jang Tae-hyun was there. This fashion show in Seoul is anything but ordinary. The models on the catwalk are wearing traditional Korean clothes hanbok, to celebrate ‘Hanbok Day’ on October 21st. “This remarkable live-streamed fashion show is an opportunity to spread the beauty of Hanbok and a chance to boost the country’s fashion industry.” Only a limited number of people could attend due to COVID-19 restrictions, but people can watch the show online and even buy hanbok for themselves. “They can go into the online store called ‘Naver Designer Window’ and buy it there. When watching it through Shopping Live, they can touch the screen to buy the clothes.” Three designers are showcasing a variety of hanbok from traditional designs to modern ready-made ones. K-pop idols such as BTS wore traditional hanbok made by designer Baekoaksoo in their ‘IDOL’ music video. One of the designers said that they have started making trendy, modern versions of hanbok to get the younger generation interested in wearing it. It’s not about changing the characteristics of hanbok because traditional versions still exist, rather the designers are just adding some glamour. “People felt awkward when they first saw the modernized hanbok. But five to six years later, I can see some of those in the street and people are wanting to wear them. Actually, even teenagers ask their parents if they can buy hanbok for them.” Her brand gets orders from 52 countries and sells up to 60 hanbok dresses every month. The modern hanbok are about 30 percent cheaper than the traditional ones, so people are more open to wearing them in their daily lives.

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