WHO: Keep wearing face masks

From the Sky News live blog:

Vaccines won’t be enough and we’ll need to adapt our lifestyles – WHO special envoy 

Even after the release of coronavirus restrictions, people should continue to behave carefully – that’s according to WHO special envoy on COVID-19 David Nabarro. 

Speaking to Sky News, he didn’t oppose lifting restrictions on 21 June and said “life has to go on” but he warned the virus is “lurking and waiting to strike again”. 

“I’m trying to really reiterate it can’t be just about restrictions,” he said. “The future for humanity is that we adapt our lifestyles so we make it hard for this virus to spread.

“We know that [the virus] is constantly changing which means that although vaccination is a marvellous asset, it’s not going to be enough. We are going to have to continue to behave as though the virus is an ever-present threat.”

He didn’t offer too much detail on how people should be adapting their lifestyles, apart from encouraging everyone to keep wearing face masks. 

Donning a mask himself mid-interview, he said: “It’s not a big thing to do.” 

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