Writing this post is pretty surreal

By Erol Alkan

It’s 1984. The 10 year old me had a routine just before I’d go to sleep, and part of it was to listen on headphones to the handful of records I owned on an Amstrad hi-fi I had in my bedroom. One record in particular felt and sounded so different to the rest. The first 12″ single I bought with my own money was the extended mix of @duranduran’s ‘The Reflex’, a heady mix of clashing / stuttering rhythm, alien sound and cryptic lyrics.. it felt then as if it was a riddle hidden inside of a pop song, but now I view it as a piece of sonic modern art. But back then I had no idea what I was listening to, but I knew I loved it.

The impact of pop music was for me like watching a film on the biggest screen possible, it felt overwhelming, distant and remote, I had no clue how it was made or where it came from. melody became the most powerful force in my life, ahead of television and books. I was hooked.

Fast forward to the present day, and this path has now lead to me produce one of those bands who informed part of my musical DNA in those integral years. Duran Duran and I spent parts of two and a half years in each others company, writing and recording the album which is released today, ‘FUTURE PAST’.

I’m happy that I didn’t bottle it when I was approached to work with them, some people say you should never meet your heros but I don’t agree with that. John, Simon, Nick and Roger were everything I had hoped for and more. it was also a joy to work with Graham Coxon, Mike Garson, CHAI, Tove Lo and Ivorian Doll. Shout out to Barli and Saffron Le Bon who also lent their voices as background vocals.

I hope you enjoy the record, it’s now available everywhere. Head to the Duran pages for all the links or my stories.

Writing this post is pretty surreal.

Maybe one day it’ll sink in.

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