For The Love of Your Eyes

By Jonas Almquist

A belated Happy Holidays. I’m ashamed of my neglectance. You all deserve a bit of lesser known Leather Nun-facts.

The song ‘For the love of your eyes’ were written Fall ’85. It took me less than 15 minutes to penn the song, music and lyrics.

The song takes place in an all-nite café in Gothenburg, the Roxy Café, situated a Nedre Fogelbergsgatan 1. I’ve enclosed a recent photo. And as you can gather, this wasn’t one of the official cafés in Gothenburg.

You entered through the gate. Directly inside the gate was a door to the left, that led to a rather scruffy 2-room apartment. The room on the left had a sofa, some chairs and a large TV that showed new rock videos. It was extremely cool because this was long before MTV. The window to the left of the gate (the window partly covered with white cardboard), was the window in the video room. The room on the right was a small café section with four small round tables. In the café section, the song ‘For the love of your eyes’ takes place.

When I look at the newly taken photo, I am struck that nothing seems to have changed. Everything looks very much as it did in the 1970’s/80’s.

Even lesser known fun facts about Roxy Café: The Troggs played a gig at Roxy Café in the late 70’s (’79?). And Eric Burdon of The Animals, met his to be swedish girlfriend at Roxy Café. If my memory serves me right.

Anyway, the Roxy Café were more or less my nightly habitat from 1978 to 1986/87. This was the meeting point and hang out for young punks, has-been artists, strippers (on their way home from the nightshift) and all sorts of interesting people.

As the word spread about Roxy Café (towards the end of its’ existence), the proprietor was forced to engage a young guy, Adrian, to guard the entrance and fence off undesired guests (cocky petty criminals) with a baseball bat. ✌️😎

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