BIG 2022

Bjarke Ingels Group News Release:

From the Singapore business district to the Swiss Mountains, BIG Builds! Here’s a snapshot of some BIG projects we’re excited to OPEN this year! (Swipe)

  1. CapitaSpring, Singapore

The 280m tall mixed-use high-rise – one of the tallest in Singapore – is defined by its verdant landscaping and cements Singapore’s commitment to becoming a true Garden City. A dynamic interplay of orthogonal lines, the lush greenery cascades from the vast terraces that comprise the architectural form of the building.

  1. Suitsupply HQ, Amsterdam

The 20,000 m2 office-retail HQ for global fashion brand, Suitsupply sits directly adjacent the main transport hub of Amsterdam RAI – punctuating the actual shift of Europaboulevard to create a ‘gateway’ moment for the city.
📷 Sebastian Van Damme

  1. The Refugee Museum, Denmark

Located on a historic site once the largest refugee camp post-WWII in Denmark, the 2,000 m2 Danish Refugee Museum will tell the stories of past and present refugees while providing a space for introspection, reflection, and reconciliation.

  1. San Pellegrino Flagship Factory, Italy

Revisiting the classic elements of Italian architecture and urbanism – the arcade, the viale, the piazza, and the portico – the San Pellegrino Flagship Factory is firmly rooted in heritage while integrating with the contextuality of the surrounding river valley and mountains.
📷 Fabrizio Giraldi

  1. The Plus, Norway

Situated in the middle of the Norwegian woods, Vestre’s The Plus is set to become the world’s most sustainable furniture factory. With the surrounding forest – and the planted, accessible roof of the building – open to the public 24/7, The Plus celebrates democratized access to nature while setting a new standard for sustainable manufacturing.
📷: Einar Aslaksen

  1. Google Bay View Campus, California

Google’s new HQ will bring sustainability to Silicon Valley; the three new buildings are visually defined by 90,000 roof tiles which form a “solar skin” – dubbed ‘dragonscale’ – which will generate 40% of the campus’ electricity needs, helping it to become carbon-free by 2030.
📷 Chris McAnneny

  1. Hôtel des Horlogers, Switzerland

Neighboring the BIG-designed Musée Atelier Audemars Piguet, the Hôtel des Horlogers is seamlessly integrated into the smooth topography of the scenic Vallée de Joux. Five zig-zagging room slabs expand into a gently sloping exterior path, leading directly to the museum and the local ski trails. We look forward to seeing @officialNormanFoster on his cross-country skis!

  1. The Spiral, New York City

The 1,041-foot-tall skyscraper on NYC’s West side skyline will be the 13th tallest building in Manhattan. Named for the biophilic balconies that ‘spiral’ around the exterior of the building, each floor includes its own terrace – upping the ante for the workplace of the future. From the highline to the skyline!
📷 Field Condition

  1. IQON Residences, Ecuador

The IQON Residences marks BIG’s first project in South America – and Quito’s soon-to-be tallest building (and the highest building by elevation 🤔?)! Each apartment includes a terrace with a built-in tree planter- the planters of which become a concrete sculpture inside the apartments, housing the root zone of the tree for the apartment above.

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