Europe’s first gay imam

Being homosexual and a Muslim – is that compatible? In Islam homosexuality is considered a sin, yet this French imam lives an openly gay life.

Gays, lesbians and transsexuals are persecuted in the name of Islam, and even threatened with death. Nevertheless, the French imam Ludovic Mohamed Zahed leads an openly gay life and now preaches his tolerant version of Islam all over Europe. But how does he reconcile two things the majority of Muslims believe are completely irreconcilable?

This documentary addresses an explosive issue: Mohammed is a devout Muslim and openly gay – he’d be risking his life in many parts of the world. It’s a taboo subject among the majority of Muslims in Europe too. Ludovic Mohammed Zahed is an imam, openly gay, and defiantly gives encouragement to many desperate fellow Muslims. Zahed grew up in Algeria and France. He studied anthropology and psychology and gives lectures around the world promoting his liberal interpretation of the Koran. In 2012 he founded a mosque in Paris that was open to homosexuals and heterosexuals alike. The film “Allah Loves You All – Europe’s First Gay Imam” is a portrait of a courageous man who preaches a tolerant version of Islam and who receives death threats because of his stance.

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