CETA: Canada, a land of opportunities

In this special edition of Talking Europe, we’re taking a closer look at the CETA free trade deal between Europe and Canada. After years of negotiations, CETA (the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement) was finally signed last autumn. Once implemented, it will remove 98% of tariffs between Canada and the EU, in everything from industry to agriculture. Our focus on the CETA deal is on one of the most sensitive areas: agriculture, where Canada and the EU have very different priorities. Farmers on both sides of the Atlantic have expressed concern that the deal will upset the delicate balance in their sectors. In this first part of the show, we travel to Canada to see how the deal is perceived on the other side of the Atlantic. We interview Canada’s International Trade Minister, François-Philippe Champagne, about what his country hopes to gain. And in our reports, we meet with both the winners and the losers of the CETA deal: Canadian beef producers, who are delighted with the increased quota; and cheese producers in Quebec, who are worried their market will be flooded with European cheese.



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