Russia: Volunteers get medical checks before coronavirus vaccination

The first volunteers set to receive Russia’s coronavirus vaccine were getting medical checks beforehand in the isolation clinical hospital No.2 in Moscow on Monday. The Russian coronavirus vaccine will be administered to volunteers on the fourth day after tests.

The results of Russian coronavirus vaccine research was published in weekly peer-reviewed general medical journal The Lancet.

“We can begin the third phase of research will allow us to put evidence-based medicine into action, I mean to prove the effectiveness [of vaccine] on a large number of people and increase indications for use,” said the head doctor of the isolation clinical hospital No.2 Svetlana Krasnova, who was also tested.

It’s expected that 40 thousand citizens will be involved in human clinical trial of the vaccine.

Scientists of the Main Military Clinical Hospital, named after academic N.N.Burdenko, started the vaccine trials on June 16. The first test persons were military service members.

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