German inventor pedals past taboos with bicycle hearse in Oldenburg

Michael Olsen, an artist and inventor from the small city of Oldenburg in Lower Saxony, came up with an idea to combine Germans’ love for bicycles and funeral services. Olsen has built an unusual bicycle hearse and now provides the deceased with a last ride on the way to their final resting place. “The idea is to show a coffin by riding in public, to ride through our so beloved everyday life and not to hide behind curtains in a funerary vehicle,” explained Olsen. Olsen could be seen riding the taboo-busting bike through traffic and a cemetery in Oldenburg on Sunday. The inventor shared the eureka moment behind the construction of the hearse was when he built a coffin for his dying mother and offered to bring her to the cemetery with a bike. He added, “My mom’s eyes lit up. She found the idea very good but there was no more time.” Sometime later the artist was able to get all the required materials and make the idea happen. “I built the hearse out of a bicycle from Germany’s postal service,” he said, adding “I constructed it so that a loading area is in front.” Olsen also commented on different reactions he gets everyday on social media and from people on the street. “By Twitter and Facebook comments are a bit nasty, but in serious media, on the streets more than 80 percent of the feedback is absolutely positive.”

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