Remote working during COVID? Japanese firm creates soundproof isolation booth for homes!

A Japanese soundproofing manufacturer developed a one-person isolation booth for those who need a soundproof box at home during pandemic times.

As seen in Tokyo on Sunday, the so-called Otegaroom is equipped with a removable small desk, LED lighting, extension cord slots and sound insulation material.

“There is a three-layered soundproofing material inside,” explained Eiji Kajiwara, manager of Pia Living, the company that invented the booth, adding that they “often receive complaints that home-based work is very noisy.”

“There are people who sing songs, often do singing in this box, and also people who play musical instruments, there is a part that absorbs the sound, and it’s a very nice sound, it doesn’t reverberate too much, it doesn’t absorb too much,” said Kajiwara.

Otegaroom is a portmanteau word with the Japanese term “otegaru” (easy, handy). According to Kajiwara, the booth weighs 50 kg and is easy to be installed. It is being sold in Japan at the price of 180,000 Yens (€1,453/$1,721).

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