Could there be a blackout on this subject?

By Oliver Stone

Despite our best efforts to publicize “JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass,” we’ve not had much response from the major American media — in fact, next to none. Whereas in Europe, we’ve received good coverage in France, Germany, Italy, etc.

Additionally, we’ve sent a letter dealing with Trump and Biden’s postponements of the files to all the major newspapers, and sadly, not one has been accepted on the editorial pages of the powers that be. Could there be a blackout on this subject? Has it really become a memory hole? Not to judge from the thousands of responses we’re getting on Twitter.

My small crew and I are resigned to letting word of mouth carry this film to your fellow citizens. I will soon be outlining some key points we brought up in the film for those who’ve missed it. Thank you for your support.

Below is the original of the letter I submitted to the main newspapers of this country.

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