Robert Altman listens to Duke Ellington

Remembering Oscar-nominated “Nashville” director Robert Altman, who died of a heart attack on November 20, 2006, aged 81.

“I grew up in Kansas City. The housekeeper that kind of raised me was a black woman named Glendora Majors,” recalled Altman. “She kept the radio on all the time. One day, I was about eight, it was the middle of the afternoon, and the two of us were in the house alone – she said, “Bobby, come over here and listen to this.”

She sat me in front of the radio. “That’s Duke Ellington’s ‘Solitude’. It’s the best music there is. Now you sit and listen to it.” And I remember I remained glued to my chair. “Solitude” is the first piece of music that I really remember. And it’s the last piece of music in the film…”

Categories: Culture, Movies, Music, USA

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