By Jim Kerr, Simple Minds


They are celebrating Thanksgiving in the U.S. (yesterday) and with that we send best wishes to our fans and friends in that part of the world.

No stranger to the notion of gratitude, I was raised both at home and at school to give thanks every single day. It was said directly before my eyes would close – and at pretty much the same moment that my little head sunk into the pillow.

As with nursery rhymes. While I have forgotten the words to a few of the prayers introduced during those first years at junior/primary school, I’ve never forgotten to offer thanks – done now at the end of the day, and again almost as soon as my eyelids spring open the following morning.

Sure, that is a habit that comes automatically to me now. But it’s still based on a thorough awareness that I have a lot to be thankful for.
The fact that I still get to open my eyes, is one thing among countless others.
That there is a roof over my head being another.
And that’s just for starters!

In relation to touring with Simple Minds, and hoping you’ll come see us when we set out next year?
You can bet that somewhere near the end of each live show, usually at the moment of peak bombast, where the walls of the venue itself seem to be shaking, and when the noise from the audience almost matches the volume of the band. Around then, I make sure to find a few seconds to catch my breath and offer a thought filled with gratitude for the experience I’ve had the honour to take part in.
As well of course, for the life that has come with it.

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