Lô Borges keeps the flame alive and records an album with lyricist Patricia Maês

Milton Nascimento participates in the album ‘Veleiro’.

♪ With an impressive authorial vitality for those who have a 50-year career, Lô Borges has maintained an average of one authorial album per year with new songs, written with a specific lyricist partner. The next album is called Chama viva and is in the recording phase.

In the album Chama viva , the composer from Minas Gerais works with the writer and composer (lyricist) Patricia Maês, Lô’s wife.

In the artist’s recent discography, Chama viva succeeds the albums Muito Além do Fim (2021), Dínamo (2020) and Rio da lua (2019) – albums centered on Lô’s partnerships with his brother Marcio Borges, with the Piauí poet Makely Ka and with fellow Minas Gerais native Nelson Angelo.

Scheduled for release in the first half of 2022, the album Chama viva features Milton Nascimento in the song Veleiro.

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