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KOKS to open only Michelin-star restaurant in the Arctic

For the next two summer seasons the historic village of Ilimanaq, just south of Greenland’s world-famous Ilulissat Ice Fjord, will be the new home for KOKS’ two Michelin star restaurant. Located in this UNESCO World Heritage Site, the key word for this new project is sustainability.

Announcing the move, Johannes Jensen, CEO of Gist and Vist, and the owner of Koks commented: “I look forward to moving my team to Ilimanaq. The location and collaboration with our new Greenlandic partners matches the KOKS’ philosophy – where sustainability always has been a key element.” Jensen added, “KOKS hopes to return to an exciting new home in Faroes in 2024.”

The Faroese restaurant KOKS celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2022, and has established itself in the top league when it comes to gastronomy. The two Michelin stars and the remote location in the Faroes has made it a draw for gourmets from around the globe. KOKS’ sustainable approach to fine dining saw it receive Michelin’s Green Clover distinction in February 2021 – along with retaining the two Michelin stars from 2019.

The Greenland restaurant is part of a collaboration between KOKS, World of Greenland’s Ilimanaq Lodge and the Hotel Arctic in Ilulissat. The Ilimanaq Lodge Project also emphasizes sustainability, both social and environmental. The project will assist with the local community’s wish to develop the tourism sector in this remote area, and train Greenlandic staff in high level gastronomy. The municipal mayor for Avannaata, Palle Jeremiassen welcomes this exciting development:

“It makes me proud that KOKS has found it attractive to have their base in Ilimanaq for the next two years. This will be an opportunity to experiment, develop and also educate the locals. It’s also a unique chance to promote our local resources and nature, and will hopefully bring positive effects for years to come.”

The Greenlandic Tourism Board also welcomes the new collaboration, saying that it is in line with its strategic goals. Hjörtur Smárason, Director of Visit Greenland said:

“The unique combination of high level gastronomy, the inherent sustainability of the North Atlantic cuisine and the characteristic nature and resources of the Disko Bay, speaks to all our senses and is exactly what we strive for in our effort to reach a certain distinguished kind of guests.”

KOKS restaurant opened a successful pop-up in Tivoli, Copenhagen in 2021 and will travel to Singapore in February 2022 before opening in Ilimanaq later in the spring.

Bookings for Ilimanaq will be open from February 2022 at 11 am: (Greenland time).

KOKS, CEO Johannes Jensen,, Tel. +298 21 91 61
KOKS, Head Chef Poul Andrias Ziska,
World of Greenland, Managing Director Lotte Søndermark,, Tel. +299 54 68 20

Photo: @youngmeerim

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