A Special New Year’s Eve with John & Yoko

“Club Dakota” by Elliot Mintz about spending New Year’s Eve with John and Yoko:

“We spent one New Year’s Eve together in front of a giant Wurlitzer jukebox Elton John had given John as a Christmas present. It had been placed in a large empty room in an adjoining apartment that had just been recently acquired in the Dakota. John and I decorated the room for a special New Year’s Eve experience. We explored some secondhand stores around Canal Street in downtown Manhattan and found some pink flamingo statues and an old couch that we brought back to the apartment. John wore his old Liverpudlian school tie, and we both got used black tuxedo jackets. He prepared an invitation for Yoko to join the two of us in this room at 11:00 PM and delivered it to her with a white gardenia, her favorite flower. He asked if she would dress for the occasion. She wore a gown. We waited until midnight. The snow was falling over Central Park and the blinking bubbles of the Wurlitzer moved through the glass tubes on either side of the giant speaker casting cascading multicolor lines and circles on the white walls. For the most part the box contained 1940s/1950s songs on either 78 or 45 rpm records. John greeted Yoko and the two of them danced together at midnight while I snapped Polaroid photos. It was the most romantic evening I shared with the two of them. Francis Ford Coppola could not have created an environment as exquisite.”

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