Trailer: Rip It Up and Start Again

A ‘proof-of-concept’ trailer for a four-part series covering the post-punk scenes of the years 1978-82, using Simon Reynolds’ book ‘Rip It Up + Start Again’ as a roadmap.

This version is a rough mix and color correction.

The eventual series will combine conversational interviews with musicians and artists who first achieved recognition in the epoch, along with archive performances and current music by the same artists, and a close look at the worldviews and contributions, influences and cultural currents of the people concerned, and how the lessons of post-punk can apply across disciplines today, 40 years later.

Oh, and municipal housing policy, too.

The end credits detail the musicians and music used in the video, and add a list of those who have agreed to participate as well as a shorter list of artists we have yet to confirm as participants.

Categories: Documentary

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  1. Hope you enjoy this trailer… in fact it’s more accurate to call it a “demo”, sort of a visual Peel Session that shows what we intend to do in the whole project. At the moment we are reaching out to distributors and possible partners to accelerate the production schedule – at least to complete the first of the four projected episodes.

    Note that the link above is regularly updated (e.g. with a color corrected and audio mixed version to follow in the coming days) and that the creators are Nikolaos Katranis (director) and Russell Craig Richardson (image/sound)

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